How to use the Amilia app

Keep track of yours and your family's activity registrations (and more) from your mobile device.

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The Amilia mobile application gives quick access to your most important information. Download the Amilia app for iPhone and/or Android devices to easily check your activity schedule and access your account member profiles.

In this article, you will learn how to:

1. Download the App

On your mobile device, choose a link below or search for the Amilia app in the Apple or Google Play Stores.

When you log into the app, you'll have access to 3 tabs. 


2. View Upcoming Activities

The Calendar tab lets you view the activities you and your family are registered to. 

  • View the name, location, date, and time of an activity. Tap an activity for address and activity details. 

  • Dates are visible on the calendar when an activity is scheduled. Scroll down to view from today's date up to a year in the future.  

  • If multiple account members are registered in different activities on the same day, each activity will appear under that date.  

  • If multiple account members are registered to the same activity on the same day, a record of that activity will appear for each member. 

3. Access your ID

The Account tab is useful if you or your family are registered with an organization that requires a scan-in for entry to their facilities. Purchased individual/family memberships and multipasses are linked directly to each member’s ID number (P########). The app keeps this information accessible when you're on the go!

  • A list of all your account members is visible. 

  • Tap on a member's name to view their profile picture, barcode (for scanning) and Amilia ID (P#######).

  • To add/change a member's photo, tap 'Change Profile Picture'.  

4. Check the Settings

The Settings tab provides the following:

  • Payment Method: Manage your saved credit cards and/or bank accounts, and upcoming payments from your personal Amilia account. Selecting this option requires you to sign into your account through a web browser.

  • User Agreement: Amilia's terms and conditions for your personal Amilia account. 

  • Privacy Policy: Information on how we collect and safeguard personal information. 

  • Language: Toggle the language display in the mobile app from English to French. 

  • Log out of the app. You will need to input your email and password the next time you sign into the mobile app. 

5. Cancel an Activity

Some organizations may allow you to cancel an activity that has not yet started directly in the application. The full cost of the activity must have been paid with a credit card in a single transaction (no installments and no discounts).

For more information, click here.

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