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Mass Cancellation of Activities

Cancel one or more activities in a program

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If a situation requires you to cancel one or more activities and credit the registered participants, you can do so from the Registration Sub-tab of the Activities tab.

👉 Check each category, sub category or activity you'd like to cancel
👉 From the Operations drop-down, click Cancel selected activities.

Once selected, you can decide the amount of credit you'd like to issue. If your session has already begun, you may want to issue a prorated credit reflecting the number of occurrences remaining.

If a multipass was used to purchase the activity, you can decide to give pack the pass.

When you click "Preview cancellations" you'll be prompted with a summary of your cancellation and related enrollments. If it looks good, click "Cancel activities". You'll receive confirmation that both activities and enrollments have been successfully cancelled.

From here, you can export a report of cancelled activities.

If you'd like to send an e-mail to unenrolled participants by clicking "Send emails". Here you can create your message, send a copy to staff and upload any attachments necessary.

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