If you want to close one particular facility or even some or all facilities at a given location, you can do so directly through your Facilities Calendar.

To close one or more facilities, click on 'Close facilities' and then choose the facilities you wish to close as seen below. Remember, if you want to close several facilities on a given day, you can add them to the list.

Next, pick a date on which you want to close the facility and click on 'Preview cancellation'. When you do, you will see a list of events occurring at the facility that will be cancelled.

Click on 'Close facilities' to confirm.

Once you close a facility (or several facilities), the following things will happen automatically:

  1. Any private lessons, contracts with an invoice, and admin bookings with an invoice at the closed facility will be cancelled

  2. If an activity is cancelled, it will be marked on the calendar as ‘skipped’ (since it is cancelled only on the day you chose, the other occurrences of that activity will remain intact)

  3. SmartRec informs the participants / clients linked to these events about the cancellation

  4. SmartRec issues credit for facilities booked by clients (if you want to convert the credit into a refund, you can do so in the client's billing)

Once you close a facility successfully, you can choose to export a detailed Facility Closure report by clicking on ‘Export’ as seen below.

You can also choose to send the participants / clients affected by the facility closure an email to explain the reason for closure or anything else that you might want to communicate by clicking on 'Send emails'. Here you can create your message, send a copy to staff and upload any attachments necessary.

Once you close a facility successfully, the platform will create an all-day admin booking as seen below so that no other events are planned during that time at the closed facility.

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