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📥 Understanding Scope of Work
📥 Understanding Scope of Work

Each tier has a a predetermined amount of requests you can make each month.

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As an AndJungle subscriber, you're entering a world of unlimited design possibilities. Our subscription model is designed to provide you with flexibility and value. At the heart of this system is the concept of "requests" and "credits." In this article, we'll explain how requests work as credits, allowing you to maximize your subscription to achieve your design goals effectively.

🔮Understanding Requests and Credits:

  1. What is a Request? A request is essentially a design task or project that you submit to our talented team. It can encompass a wide range of design needs, from logo creation to website redesign, ensuring that you can achieve your brand and UX/UI objectives.

  2. What are Credits? Credits are the currency of your AndJungle subscription. Each month, you are allocated a specific number of credits based on your chosen subscription tier. These credits are your key to unlocking our design services.

  3. The Credit-to-Request Ratio: Your subscription tier determines the credit-to-request ratio. Different tiers offer different ratios, allowing you to submit a certain number of requests per month based on the credits you have.

Requests = Credits

🎉 Making the Most of Your Subscription:

Prioritize Your Design Needs: To get the most out of your subscription, start by identifying your most pressing design needs. Prioritize these tasks and allocate your credits accordingly.

  1. Understanding Subscription Tiers: We offer various subscription tiers to cater to different needs. Assess your design requirements and choose a tier that aligns with your goals. This decision will determine your monthly credit allocation.

  2. Managing Your Monthly Credits: Credits do not roll over from month to month, so it's essential to utilize them effectively. Ensure you submit requests that align with your current design needs within the subscription period.

  3. Flexibility and Scalability: If you find that your design needs fluctuate, our subscription model offers flexibility. You can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription tier to accommodate changing demands.


🧮 Submitting and Tracking Requests:

Submitting a Request: To initiate a design project, go to your Asana board and navigate to the request section. Fill out the request form, providing detailed information about your project's scope and requirements.

  1. Request Approval: Once you've submitted a request, our team will review it to ensure clarity and feasibility. You'll receive confirmation when your request is approved.

  2. Tracking Your Credit Usage: In your account dashboard, you can monitor your credit usage. This feature helps you stay informed about your remaining credits and how many requests you can still submit.

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