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Angi Leads: Frequently Asked Questions
Angi Leads: Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers related to Angi Leads.

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Frequently asked questions:

We've compiled the most common questions that pros ask when becoming an Angi Leads member.

1. How does Angi Leads work?

We put your business in front of customers looking for pros with your expertise. Every job is a chance to showcase your work, gather reviews, and do what you do best. With Angi Leads, you’re in control. We will help you drive more business when you need it most by matching you with specific customers who fit your needs. Our flexible, pay-as-you-go model lets you adjust your preferred jobs, spend, and availability anytime.

2. What comes with my membership?

  • Your annual membership gives you access to tools and resources that help you grow and set your business apart.

  • Target more jobs you want, when you want them by fine-tuning your services and tasks, service locations, budget, and availability.

  • Build your reputation with reviews and awards that encourage customers to choose you again and again.

  • Get more ways to save with Pro Perks discounts from known brands to offset the cost of running your business.

3. How do customers find my business using Angi Leads?

In order to quickly find skilled local service professionals, customers submit a brief description of their service needs by answering questions about their project scope, materials, timeline, etc. Angi then uses the project details to connect customers with up to 4 service professionals to help complete their project.

4. What are leads and when am I charged?

Leads are a unique match between a real customer and a pro for a real project. When the customer's project matches your offerings and availability, you'll receive the project details as a new lead. You'll be charged for each new lead as soon as it's sent, and it's up to you to reach out to the customer and win the job.

5. How much do leads cost?

Lead pricing varies based on task, location, and how homeowners requested their quotes. These factors help us match the value of the lead with the price. We know the value of every job is different, and we aim to price our leads to reflect that. Once enrolled, you can see the current price of leads for the tasks and areas for which you are profiled by logging into your account.

6. What is a monthly lead budget?

Your monthly budget is an estimated monthly amount that you would like Angi Leads to try to meet when sending you leads. The monthly budget is not a cap, but rather an estimated goal of monthly lead spend. Your monthly budget will reset based on a 28 day cycle that starts on your date of approval.

7. How much control do I have over the leads I receive?

You can define your services and tasks and service location preferences to ensure you only receive the types of requests you want. Additionally, you can modify your monthly budget any time. You can also update your profile to short-term “busy” coverage, which further narrows your preferences when you’re busy but still want to keep an active project pipeline.

8. Do you offer any tools to manage my leads?

Yes. We offer a robust, user-friendly system that lets you categorize and organize your leads, keep track of communications, and connect with prospects via phone or email with the touch of a button. Our mobile app also lets you take these tools on the road to help you stay on top of your pipeline.

If you have questions or experience any issues, start a chat with us during business hours and one of our Support Specialists will be able to assist!

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