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Lead Types and Opportunities: Frequently Asked Questions
Lead Types and Opportunities: Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions and answers regarding the Leads and Opportunities you’ll receive on Angi.

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Frequently asked questions:

See below for common questions and answers regarding Leads on Angi.

General FAQs about Leads and Opportunities:

1. How will I receive leads and Opportunities?

  • You’re in control of how you are notified of new leads and Opportunities. Manage and update your notification preferences to make sure you're set up with the method that works best for you. You can receive updates via:

  1. App notification

  2. Text message

  3. Email

  4. Phone call

  • You will find your leads in the “Leads” tab of the site and app, while available Opportunities are located in the "Opportunities" tab.

2. Are leads and Opportunities guaranteed?

  • No, leads and Opportunities are not guaranteed jobs. You’ll need to follow up quickly with the customer to maximize your chances of winning the lead.

3. How much do leads cost?

  • Lead pricing varies based on task, location, and how homeowners requested their quotes. These factors help us match the value of the lead with the price.

4. What is a monthly budget?

  • Your monthly budget is your set dollar amount you’d like to spend each month on leads. You determine your monthly budget and can adjust it as needed in the app or site.

5. Do all leads count toward my monthly lead budget?

  • Standard Leads, Appointment Leads, and Direct Call Leads count toward your monthly budget. Opportunity Leads do not count toward your monthly budget.

FAQs about Leads and Lead Types:

1. What are leads?

  • Leads are a unique match between a real customer and a pro for a real project. When a customer's project matches your defined tasks, coverage area and availability, you'll receive the project details as a new lead. You'll be charged for each new lead as soon as it's sent. It's up to you to reach out to the customer and win the job.

2. What are the lead types I will receive?

  • Standard Lead: A connection with a customer whose project matches your defined tasks and coverage area.

  • Appointment Lead: A customer books an appointment directly on your calendar. You’ll receive a notification and calendar invite when this happens. Make sure to update your calendar regularly.

  • Direct Call Lead: A customer requests to speak to a pro on the phone right away. If you accept, you’ll be placed on a call to speak with the customer.

3. What details are included in each lead?

There are a few details you’ll receive for every lead that comes your way. This information includes:

  • Customer’s name

  • How to contact them

  • Location of the project

  • Details of the project

4. How many service pros get each lead?

  • The total number of pros who get a lead depends on the type of lead and the service area the pro is in. Each time a customer submits a project request, we will match them with no more than 4 pros.

5. How am I charged for leads?

  • You are charged for a lead as soon as a customer sends out a request for a pro who matches your area of expertise and coverage area. You are charged for a Standard Lead whether or not you open or respond to it. You are charged for an Appointment Lead as soon as it’s sent, even if you fail to confirm or cancel the appointment.

6. How do I manage my lead volume and budget?

  • You can increase or decrease your lead volume and budget by adjusting one or more of the following:

  • You can make many of these changes in your account. You can also send us a chat or call one of our support specialists for help.

7. What should I do if I’m getting incorrect leads?

  • If you notice leads coming your way that aren’t relevant to you or the work you do, first check your account to make sure your services and tasks and service locations are correctly set. Correct any issues you find immediately to make sure the right leads come your way. In some cases, you can request a lead credit.

8. How does turning my profile to short-term coverage affect my leads?

  • You can turn your profile to short-term “busy" coverage if you have other commitments and want to limit the amount of new work you take on. Short-term coverage offers fewer tasks and ZIP code options, as well as the ability to choose which types of leads you do and don’t want to receive.

FAQs about Opportunities:

1. What are Opportunities?

  • Opportunities are matches you choose to accept or decline. They allow you to take on extra projects in addition to your leads. A customer may invite you to connect, or you can reach out to them first. When you receive an Opportunity, you'll have the chance to review project details before accepting or declining. You only pay the lead fee when you choose to accept the connection.

2. What details are included in each Opportunity?

  • Opportunities include the customer’s name, location, and task. Once you accept the Opportunity, you’ll be able to contact the customer directly.

3. How many service pros get each Opportunity?

  • We will match a customer with up to 4 pros, either through the lead or Opportunity. The faster you respond, the better your chance of winning the job.

4. How does an Opportunity become a lead and when am I charged?

  • An Opportunity becomes an Opportunity Lead when you choose to accept the connection and if the customer also accepts the connection. This is when you’re charged the lead fee. If you do not respond, the Opportunity will not become a lead and you will not be charged.

5. Do Opportunities count toward my monthly lead budget?

  • Opportunities are highly targeted customer connections that will be charged outside of your monthly budget. You will continue to receive Opportunities even if you’ve hit your monthly budget. You only pay the lead fee when both you and the customer accept the connection.

6. What happens to Opportunities if I pause my leads or update my profile to short-term coverage?

  • You may continue to receive Opportunities even when you’ve chosen to pause your leads or turn on short-term coverage. Remember, you only pay for the Opportunities you choose to accept.

7. What should I do if I’m receiving incorrect Opportunities?

  • Opportunities may fall just outside of your regular ZIP code coverage, so be sure to review the project details before accepting. If the Opportunity does not look correct, you can choose not to accept it and you won’t be charged.

If you have questions about opportunities, please review our Opportunities: Frequently Asked Questions article.

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