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Google Play Console Permission Management
Google Play Console Permission Management

Unlock features with the right permission

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In order to access all features of App Radar, the App Radar user you have invited to your Google Play Console needs to have at least one of the following permissions:

Permissions for Google Play Console

  • Scroll to App Access and select View App information and download bulk reports: Required for all connection features

  • Scroll to Financial Data and select View financial data, orders and cancellation survey responses: Required for App Metrics Feature

  • Scroll to Manage Store Presence and select Manage store presence: Required for Store Listing Editor Features

  • Scroll to User Feedback and select Reply to reviews (required for Review Feature)

These roles are needed to use all features, but work independently of each other. If you choose not to give us a specific permission, you can still use the features that you gave permissions for.

Without a connection you can still access features like:

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