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Discover where keywords are located in yours and your competitors' app store listing

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Metadata Explorer enables you to quickly analyze your and your competitors' app store listing information.

Where Can I Find the Metadata Explorer?

You can find the Metadata Explorer under Analyze --> Keywords --> Metadata Explorer.

How Does the Metadata Explorer Work?

To start, select the app that you would like to analyze by using the dropdown.

Then select the country.

After you've made your app and country selections, press "Get Results"

You'll then get a list of 1-word keywords. On the right-hand side, you'll be shown:

  • keyword count in that metadata field

  • the metadata field

  • option to see a live search result for that keyword

  • option to add the keyword to your tracking list

In order to figure out if keywords have been repeated across any metadata fields, use the Filter Keywords function.

Above, you can see that the keyword bird has been used once in the Title and 3 times in the Description.

To arrange the order of the keywords by field or by count, just click on "count" or "field" until you see the arrow.

Again, for iOS apps, you never want to repeat any keywords across App Name (Title), Subtitle, or Keyword Field.

For Google Play Store apps, you want to repeat your keyword or keyword combination 3-5 times across App Title, Short Description, and Full Description.

Can I Edit My App Metadata Directly in App Radar?

Yes, you can!

If you would like to make edits to your keywords and other metadata you can do so in our Store Listing Editor feature. After you are satisfied with your changes you can export them directly to Google Play Store and App Store Connect.

To find out more about how Store Listing Editor works, click here.


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