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Welcome to Appstle Loyalty!
Welcome to Appstle Loyalty!
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We are excited to have you with us!

Appstle Loyalty was launched with the aim to help build loyal customer bases by providing features, such as tiered discounting and the ability to redeem discount codes, that incentivize customers to stay with your brand.


When you first download Appstle Loyalty and visit the dashboard, you will be prompted by a warning that you should enable the app embed in your Shopify Admin. You can access it by going to Online Store > Customize > App Embeds.

Toggle the app on and then Save.

Customize the Widget

Customize your loyalty widget with colors, labels, and CSS as per your store or brand’s needs in Widget Settings. Here, you can adjust labels, colors, FAQs, and more.

Widget Settings

Widget Labels


Custom CSS


Setting up Activity Rules

To help you get started, we have a dedicated help doc that will help you navigate the key features of our application here.

To allow your customers to start participating in your loyalty program, you will need to configure activity rules. You can read about what activity rules are and the different types of activity rules we offer in our app in this help doc here.

Setting up Reward Rules

And to let your customers take advantage of their points, you will need to configure reward rules. You can read about what reward rules are and the different types of reward rules we offer in our app in this help doc here.

Testing your Loyalty Program

Testing will require you to set up a test payment gateway in your store. You can view a Shopify doc about setting up the test payment gateway here.

Afterwards, make test purchases in your store, based on the activity rules you have set up, in order to get loyalty points.

Once you have enough points, claim a reward in Ways to Redeem.

We wish you the best of luck with your business's loyalty program!

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