Floor Plans

Upload floor plans, add devices to a floor plan, and get an overview of your location.

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Floor Plans make it easy for you and your organization to get a physical overview of your locations, including your devices, like Cameras and Door Controllers.

Where to Find Floor Plans

Experience the simplicity of visualizing and managing your space with our user-friendly Floor Plans feature. Whether you're keeping an eye on your devices, such as Cameras and Door Controllers, or just wanting a clear physical layout of your locations, our Floor Plans are designed to make your life easier.

To manage your floor plans, go to your Sites page, and click on the Location where you want to manage or add a Floor Plan.

Add a Floor Plan

Setting up a new Floor Plan is straightforward. On your location page, simply click on + New Floor Plan under the Floor Plans section. Name your plan as you wish, and upload your layout in JPG, PNG, or SVG format (up to 10MB).

Add Devices

Adding devices to your Floor Plan is just a click away. Select the + icon, drag your desired device from the menu, and place it precisely where you need it on the plan. Customizing is easy too – rotate, change, or remove devices to match your physical setup perfectly.

Navigate the Floor Plan

You can zoom in and out either by clicking the +/- icons, or by scrolling up/down with your mouse. Move between areas of the floor plan by dragging the image into any direction. Hovering over devices will reveal a glimpse of device info, and clicking on it will open a side panel with more detailed information.

Device Status

On Floor Plans you can see various types of devices as well as their statuses. If two icons are overlapping, it means that there are multiple devices in this area. Click on the overlapping icon to reveal the underlying devices.

A red and blue cluster indicates that one or more devices in this cluster are offline, a grey/red icon indicates an offline device, and a blue/green icon indicates an online device.

Edit Devices

To manage your devices on the floor plan, click on ellipsis button in the top right and select Edit Devices. You can now move, rotate, and remove your devices, as well as change your device type (for example 180, 90, or 45 degree camera).

Select Save to keep your changes, or cancel to discard them.

Change a Floor Plan

You can change your Floor Plan image by clicking on the ellipsis button in the top right and clicking Change Floor Plan Image. Here you can upload a new plan.

Make Good Use of Your Floor Plans

Unleash the full potential of your Floor Plans. Use them in Views for advanced features like Synchronized Playback of multiple cameras. Discover how Floor Plans can transform the way you manage and visualize your space!

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