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Belief #2: Open up your work in progress
Belief #2: Open up your work in progress

A predictable and regular operating rhythm for communicating progress

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The Loop Beliefs:

Weekly updates for projects, monthly for goals

Atlas facilitates a predictable and regular operating rhythm for checking in and communicating progress. For project status updates, we have a weekly rhythm. For goals, we have a monthly rhythm.

So on Fridays, Atlas sends an automated reminder to project owners to provide their weekly update. To the program managers out there - this means what you think it means. No more pinging teams to nag them for their updates.

To decrease the noise, stakeholders are encouraged to opt-in to updates they actually care about, by following them.

Get all the signal and none of the noise with digests

On Mondays, Atlas sends a digest of the previous week’s updates that you have elected to follow. Simple!

We believe that if teams use a shared operating rhythm to open up their work in progress, they can shift from getting pinged multiple times a week, to just needing to create one update to answer how their project is tracking. You choose when you want to write that update, as long as it lands before the next Monday digest rolls out. This allows teams to be in sync, async.

See how projects evolve over time

A week-by-week overview of the project is shown through the project history timeline. Key events like status or date changes are highlighted to call out where help might be required or reset expectations.

Because even though watermelons are delicious, we want to avoid the classic Watermelon project - green on the outside, red on the inside.

We believe trust is built through frequent and consistent dialogue so that teams feel like they can communicate honestly.

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