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Belief #4: Show that you're paying attention
Belief #4: Show that you're paying attention

There is no loop if communication is one-sided

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The Loop Beliefs:

Join the conversation

This one’s simple. To encourage some form of engagement and feedback, we’ve incorporated some social media patterns that everyone’s familiar with at this point–comments and reactions. Whether you’re seeking more information or simply looking to show your support–you can. In your own time.

Motivate teams by recognizing great work

If you want to recognize a teammate or an entire team for great work, you can send them a kudos–a simple, fun, and personal way to show your appreciation.

Kudos appear on individual and team profiles, as well as in your Atlas digest and feed.

So when you roll out of bed on Monday and fire up Atlas to stay in the loop, you'll see all your followers engaging with your updates and recognizing your team's work. This helps everyone feel more connected–bringing some of those benefits of synchronous time into an async world.

That’s the Loop and how you can adopt it at your own company to truly work differently, together, with Atlas.

Not using Atlas yet? Get it free, for your whole company.

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