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If you need help creating a survey, try using our templates that are easy to personalise to your goals
Written by Bel Romasanta
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Running your first survey or starting a new project can be daunting, but here at Attest we make sure that consumer research is easy for everyone in your team. 

If starting a survey from scratch seems overwhelming, or if you just need some inspiration to help you get started, you can use one of the templates built into our platform. Every template is written by our in-house research experts, but also fully customisable so you can make sure that you get to the bottom of your burning questions. We have nine expertly-written templates available in-platform, covering our most popular survey types.

To get started using and customising one of our templates log into the platform. 

In the left hand navigation bar you'll find the Templates page. You can also find our templates when you click to Create new survey - a modal will pop out offering the templates available, or to start from scratch.


Whichever template you select, you'll be taken to the usual survey editor, with the template pre-populated. Here you can adjust questions, answers and logic as you wish, adding or removing questions to help you make the most of your survey.


Then proceed through selecting your audience and launching your survey as usual.

If you have any more questions on using or customising the templates available in-platform, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via the in-platform live chat!  

And on our Consumer Research Academy we've got awesome examples of how you can use our survey templates for consumer profiling and brand tracking.

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