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Selecting demographics for your survey
Selecting demographics for your survey

Using pre-set and customised demographics.

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It's easy, and free, to target your survey to groups of specific respondents in Attest. You can target consumers from dozens of countries around the globe using the platform.

How to add an audience

Once you have completed your survey draft, you can select who to target on the next page, called Audience. Here you will have the option to send your survey to targeted respondents or to your own respondents. You will only be able to specify demographics when you send your survey to targeted respondents.

When you click on Add audience you can choose between creating a new audience from scratch or selecting one of the preset audiences.

Preset audiences

Depending on your country, you can choose from a selection of preset audiences provided by Attest, such as:

  • UK Working Age NatRep: People aged 18 - 64 in the UK, nationally representative of gender and region.

  • UK Millennials: People aged 22 to 35 who live in the UK.

Some preset audiences also exist for international audiences, with Working Age NatRep audiences available in lots of countries and Generation Z and Millennial options available in the US.

You can also save the custom audiences you've created as a preset, so that they are available for your team to use. You can read more about saving audiences in this article.

Create a custom audience

When creating an audience from scratch, pick your country and language first. You can add additional demographic filters and further customize your audience by clicking on Add targeting.

You can choose from 15+ different categories of demographics in some countries, with gender and age available in all. You can also set up custom quotas.

As you add demographic filters the box displaying the Available sample will adjust based on the number of respondents who have been active in the last few days. Click here to read more about our audience reach.

Demographic targeting or qualifying questions?

You can use demographic filters rather than asking questions about demographics in your survey. For example, you don’t need to have a qualifying question to determine someone’s gender. You can simply select to only target the gender you require in the Audience page.

However, if you want to screen in respondents with demographic profiles that aren’t available in the Audience page, you will need to use qualifying questions. For example, if you want to find out if participants are pet owners in a country where that demographic group is not displayed, you will need to open your survey with a qualifying question that establishes pet ownership.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Client Experience team using the in-platform live chat.

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