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Aurelius Overview & Getting Started
Getting Started Guide and Demo for Aurelius
Getting Started Guide and Demo for Aurelius

This article provides you with a step-by-step guide, sample data and a video demo to get started in Aurelius

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Welcome to Aurelius! This guide is meant to help you get familiar with our most powerful features in Aurelius and give you a step by step onboarding guide to try them out for yourself.

Get Started in Aurelius in 6 Steps

  1. Create a new project

  2. Add research notes and data on the Notes page

  3. Analyze your data on the Tags page

  4. Capture research findings and summaries with Key Insights

  5. Create action items and next steps from research with Recommendations

  6. Edit & Share your Automatic Research Report

Here's a 2 minute video to show you how to get started:

Check Out All The Parts to a Project

Project Overview Page

The snapshot of your project

Add project details, add comments and more.

Collect research notes, data and feedback

Aurelius has a powerful notes tool for people who do research. Add research notes and data, tag them, add sentiment, find patterns with automatic keyword analysis, search and more.

There’s 4 ways to get notes into Aurelius [here’s an 80 second video showing you how]

  1. Take notes right in Aurelius

  2. Copy/paste data from other text files and spreadsheets with our bulk input feature

  3. Connect Aurelius to Zapier and automate data from surveys, feedback forms and more

  4. Transcribe an audio or video file to create notes automatically!

Make sense of research data...FAST

View and filter all your data by tags and themes to make sense of what you learned super fast.

Project tags is one of the most powerful pages in Aurelius because of how it helps you slice and dice data to figure out what you learned faster and easier than traditional tools like spreadsheets.


Add images, audio, video and files

Add any type of document right along with your notes or on the documents page. Tag documents so they’re findable later and even attach them to key insights as supporting evidence.

Capture findings or summaries from the research data

Share what you learned and link supporting notes, quotes and documents to each insight.

Key insights are backbone of research and they're very powerful in Aurelius! You can tag insights, add priority, type and even send them to your team with our Jira integration.

Create action items, ideas or next steps from research

Record outcomes from your research and link key insights that support each one.

Automatically created research reports!

Every Key Insight and Recommendation on your project automatically gets added to a report which you can edit, update and share right from Aurelius.

Watch a Demo

Here’s a video showing you many of the steps from our on-boarding guide as well as a few other of our favorite, most powerful features:

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