You can find and print these instructions here. Watch Ava used at a large event.


If you're in a venue equipped with an audio system, microphones and speaker, you can make it accessible for deaf & hard-of-hearing attendees, very easily. 

You'll need:

  • a reliable Internet connection (Wifi recommended),
  • a smart device (tablet or smartphone) with Ava installed on it, which will be dedicated to the live captioning during the event,
  • the Ava app,
  • a TRS-TRS audio cable (1/4'' TRS male to 1/4'' TRS male), or the XLR version (large venues only),
  • an iRig to plug into the smart device.

Start by setting up Ava on your smart device (smartphone, tablet):

  • Download Ava at this link: or search "Ava accessibility" in the app stores
  • Tap on Caption with Ava account, and set it up with a phone number (personal number is OK as it's for one-time verification code).
  • Choose the Name that will be displayed, and the Ava Name that the attendants will have to enter to join the broadcasted captioning. E.g: room1234
  • Finish the onboarding (select “I can hear”, then your type of venue and Try Welcome Free)
  • Tap Start Captioning, the microphone and speak into it.
  • Can you see what you say appear on the screen? You're done with the setup.

First test (and as you set Ava up before the event)

Instructions (video here)

  • Look for the controller/audio system in the place, where the microphone sound goes in, and the sound goes out to speaker. 
  • Look for an available TRS outlet. (bigger than the jack outlet), and plug your TRS cable to this outlet. If you don't have one, look for the XLR, and plug the XLR cable.
  • Plug the other extremity of the cable to the iRig.
  • Turn the iRig on, and scroll the device to maximum volume.
  • Plug the iRig final extremity to the smart device headphone jack.
  • Get the Ava app ready on the smart device ("Organizer" which will broadcast the captions):
    >>> Open Ava
    >>> Tap on the conversation status icon in the upper-right corner of the app. Select "anyone can join", and they select if you want to mute or allow your audience to use their microphone.
    >>> Select Start Captioning. When it is blue it'll be listening for spoken words to caption.
  • Tip: Set the smart device to "Auto-lock = Never" in Settings so it doesn't switch off
  • Test it by talking in the room's microphone, and check that what you say comes up into the app screen as words


Here's what a deaf/hard-of-hearing attendant can do to see the captions:

  • Download the Ava app:
  • Tap on Join a friend/room now
  • Type the location's Ava Name (e.g.: room1234) then tap Connect
  • If your Host Device has Ava on, they will connect to it and will see the captions appear on their screen too.
  • Tip: Print this document, write there your location's Ava Name, so any newcomer to the location can follow instructions on how to receive the captioning.

Print and display these signs for user instructions

Print these materials: / and customize if you want.

Here is a video to give you some ideas on how you can communicate Ava to your audience.

When putting together your own materials: 

Here are some suggested paragraphs to talk about Ava.
Here is a folder with some logo files for Ava that you can use.


Make sure you will not run out of captioning time

Depending on the nature of your venue and activities, we advise you to use either Ava Event or Ava Welcome.

Ava Event, for day-long events and conferences, allows you to organize sessions up to 12 hours at once.

  • Sessions up to 12 hours
  • Attendees can come and go are when they want, and save the transcript of the sessions they attended. 
  • Only pay for the duration of your event, based on the number of rooms/stages.

Ava Welcome, for stores, museums, worship centers, and others, enables you to make a location accessible to visitors at all times.

  • Sessions up to 3 hours.
  • Attendees can come and go are when they want, and save the transcript of the sessions they attended. 
  • Subscribe monthly and get 24/7 on demand service.

For plan and pricing information go here.

For other plans go here (not optimized for spaces/venues/events).


Watch setup instructions in video

Watch Ava used in real-life venues

Dreamforce 2017 in San Francisco, CA

Live captioning session at Closing The Gap Conference

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