Welcome to Ava, your new 24/7 accessibility companion ✨!

You can watch our Tutorial Video:

Speak ASL? Watch explanations in video

📱 Press the microphone icon to caption whoever is speaking. Hold your phone less than 12 inches away from their mouth and Ava should transcribe more than 85% of the words correctly ( not 100% because Ava is not as smart as a human)!

🎤 Tap on the blue mic, and Ava is ready to transcribe words people say

🙊  If you have a ''deaf" accent, no need to speak to Ava. Answer people directly if they understand your voice or type what you want to say on the keyboard.

👯 To caption a group conversation, participants need to speak closer to the phone with the Ava app and be connected with you so you can read what they say. Show people how to connect with you:

  1. Share a download link with the top-right button. OR
  2. If they already installed Ava, give your Ava Name so they can find you.

Then what they say next to their phone will appear on your screen with their own color.

📶  Remember that Ava needs Internet to work: Wifi/4G/LTE = OK. If captioning is slow, check your Internet connection. 

💵  Is Ava free? Yes. Ava has a 100% free plan but captioning time is limited to 5 full hours every 30 days. Joining a conversation hosted by a friend will not use your time: only the host uses time.
If you don't have any time left, but you want to keep captioning: 

  1. Wait until the end of the 30 days.
  2. OR join a friend's conversation who still has time.
  3. OR upgrade to the Unlimited plan in your Profile to get unlimited time for less than $1/day.

Need more help? Contact us! Feel free to email our support team at hello@ava.me or directly from the app.

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