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Release 3.2 - Custom Notes, Faster Pairing, and New Fitbit Devices
Release 3.2 - Custom Notes, Faster Pairing, and New Fitbit Devices

We are excited to share new features for Notes and Pairing as part of this release!

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We're excited to share some major updates to Notes and Pairing. Here is what you need to know to get the most out of your new mobile app:

User-Generated Notes

You can now create notes at any time in the mobile app! We've heard that you want to be able to record how they are feeling at different times of the day, not just in response to notifications. With custom notes you can do just that! Each entry is automatically updated with the emotion strength that your watch recorded at that time. This allows you to use the Awake Labs app for rapid bullet journaling - a helpful tool for discovering patterns in your daily mood.

You can create a custom note by selecting the + button. Then use the date and time selector to pick a time for your custom note:

New Notes Feed

The new Custom Notes and the existing Notification Responses have a new home -> the Notes Feed. From this screen you can quickly review the mood, emotion strength, and any comments you left for each event in your day. Read more about the Notes Feed

Notes are Shared

Notes are now shared with all users assigned to a participant. If you have multiple users assigned to the same account (such as support staff, family members, or friends), you will now all see the same notes. Anything created in the notes feed is visible to all users who are linked to a participant account. Learn more about Shared Notes.

Faster Notification Responses

You will notice that the notification response screen looks a bit different. We've updated the form so that all the questions fit on one page. This makes it easier and faster to fill in your response.

Home Screen Notifications

Notifications on the home screen have been updated to our new notes style. This makes it easier and faster to read the notification information.

Device Setup Page

We've made it easier to view information about your wearable. You can access the Device Setup page from the Side Menu here:

Pairing Enhancements

If you are pairing a new fitbit device, the process has gotten faster and easier. See our new Fitbit Pairing Guide for details.

Good Bye "Last Hour Summary" Screen

You may notice the Last Hour Summary screen is no longer available. With update 3.2.0, the information that used to be on this screen has all been moved to the home screen. You can now access the same information without having to open a second screen.

Coming Soon

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten our web users. We are excited to bring each of these features (custom notes, shared notes, editing notes, better notes feed) to the dashboard too! Stay tuned for a dashboard release coming soon.

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