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A Release is a specific version of a Title.* For example, if the Title is a book, a Release might be the hardcover version of that book. Or if the Title is a magazine, a Release might be the October issue of that magazine. When you recruit a contractor to work on a Deliverable, that Deliverable is always tied to an individual Release.

  1. Choose “Create Release” from the master drop-down menu to open the “Create New Release” pop-up.

  2. Enter a name for the Release. (This is required.)

  3. Choose the Title associated with the Release from the "Title" drop-down menu. (Also required.)

  4. Assign a Release code to the Release. This is internal within your organization, and could a product code, serial number, or whatever you need it to be.

  5. Assign a key date to the Release. This date is for internal use within your organization, and may represent whatever publishing, shipping, or other date you need. Note that Deliverables associated with this Release have their own due dates.

  6. Enter a Description for the Release.

  7. Click the “Create Release” button to close the pop-up and create the new Release.

*Note that while "Title" and "Release" are the default terms in AWEbase, your organization may have customized one or both of these terms to better reflect your business. For example, "Title" might be "Product Line" or "Department" for you, and "Release" might be "Product" or "Project."

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