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Assign a budget to a Release
Assign a budget to a Release

Assign and adjust Release budgets

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When setting up a Release*, you can establish the budget available for creating Deliverables and hiring contractors. This is an optional step, but can be a powerful and useful one.

  1. Go to the Release screen and click on the Release for which you want to assign a budget.

  2. Select the β€œBudget” tab.

  3. Click the "Create Budget" button to open the budget interface, then click the "Edit" button.

Assign a budget by category

When assigning a budget to a Release, it's often useful to distribute that budget between categories. For example, you may dedicate one portion of the budget to artwork, another to writing, and a third to graphic design. To distribute your budget across multiple categories, do the following:

  1. Choose a category from the "Budget Category" drop-down menu. (Don't see the category you need? Learn how to add new categories here.)

  2. Click the "Add" button to add that category to your budget.

  3. Fill in the budget amount for that category in the "Budgeted Amount" field on the category list. (Note that if Deliverables have already been assigned to that category, the funds for those Deliverables will appear in the "Budgeted Amount" field by default.)

  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each category in the Release.

Assign a budget without categories

To assign a budget to your Release without dividing it between categories, enter the total budget amount into the box labeled "other categories" and click the "save" button. (Note that you can still add additional categories later if you wish.)

Assign a budget after creating Deliverables or Jobs

Because assigning a budget is an optional step, you may create Deliverables and Jobs as you wish without creating a budget to account for them. It is possible, however, to create a budget after the fact. If you do so, the budget will automatically populate with the Deliverables and Jobs you have already created.

Adjust a budget

  • Once you assign a budget to a Release, you will be unable to create Deliverables for that Release with costs that would exceed that budget.

  • To increase or decrease the amount dedicated to a category, simply change the number in its "Budgeted Amount" field. (Note: You can't reduce the budget of a category to less than what you have already assigned or contracted within that category.)

  • To remove a category altogether, click the "trash" icon next to that category. (Note: If you delete a category for which you have already created a Deliverable, the funds for that Deliverable will be added to "other categories.")

Review a budget

Once a budget has been created, you can use this screen to see how much money has been assigned to the Release, and how the budget has been distributed, as detailed here.

Remove a budget

If you want to delete the budget of a Release, you can click the "Remove Budget" button on the "Tools" tab of that Release.

*Note that while "Title" and "Release" are the default terms in AWEbase, your organization may have customized one or both of these terms to better reflect your business. For example, "Title" might be "Product Line" or "Department" for you, and "Release" might be "Product" or "Project."

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