What happens when I create a Deliverable using a foreign currency?

By default, when you create a Deliverable, its payment amount is set in your native currency. However, you may change the currency to any number of other worldwide currencies if you wish. This does not change the value that you entered, but AWEbase does display the current exchange rate and the amount converted to your native currency.

When you a create a Job, all of its Deliverables must be in the same currency. If you need to contract multiple Deliverables with multiple currencies, you need to create a separate Job for each currency.

If you assign a budget to a Release, and that Release includes Deliverables in multiple currencies, AWEbase tracks the exchange rates on those currencies and updates your budget automatically (in your native currency) as described here. If exchange rate fluctuations cause your Release to go over budget, AWEbase won't let you create new Deliverables that require additional budget.

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