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Create a new Deliverable
Create a new Deliverable

Add a Deliverable to your Release

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Deliverables are the building blocks of every project. Every Title - and every Release - is made up of Deliverables. Whether they are documents, artwork, 3D models, audio files, or professional services, Deliverables are what turn your vision into a reality. 

  1. Choose “Create Deliverable” from the master drop-down menu to open the “Create New Deliverable” pop-up.

  2. Enter a name for the Deliverable. (This is required.)

  3. Choose the Deliverable’s Title and Release from the "Title (Release Name)" drop-down menu. (This is also mandatory. Here's now to create a Title or create a Release.)*

  4. Choose the Deliverable’s category from the “Category” drop-down menu. (If you don't see a suitable category, you can create a new one, as detailed here.)

  5. Choose the Deliverables’ type from the “Type” drop-down menu.

  6. Enter the amount of money you want to budget for this Deliverable. 

  7. Choose the currency in which you wish to pay for the Deliverable from the "currency" drop-down menu.

  8. Assign a due date to the Deliverable. (Note: A Deliverable's due date may be different from the key date of its associated Release. Deliverable due dates are internal to your organization, and reflect the date you need the Deliverables in-hand.)

  9. Enter any tags you want associated with the Deliverable. (Note: Any tags you enter are internal only, and won't be seen by the contractor.)

  10. Choose a staff member from the “Staff Coordinator” drop-down menu to assign that staff member to the Deliverables. (If you don't see the name you're looking for, start typing it into the "Staff Coordinator" field to look it up. You can read about adding new staff here.)

  11. Enter a description of the Deliverable. The contractor who agrees to work on this Deliverable will see the description, which may also be included in the contract.

  12. Enter any notes you have for the Deliverable. (Note: Any notes you add are internal only, and won't be seen by the contractor.)

  13. Click the “Create Deliverable” button to close the pop-up and create the new Deliverable with “draft” status.

*Note that while "Title" and "Release" are the default terms in AWEbase, your organization may have customized one or both of these terms to better reflect your business. For example, "Title" might be "Product Line" or "Department" for you, and "Release" might be "Product" or "Project."

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