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Recruit and assign work to contractors with the JobOpp tool

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A JobOpp is a powerful tool for matching Deliverables to contractors.

Once you've created a JobOpp, you can use it to

  • allocate Deliverable to contractors,

  • create Jobs from allocated Deliverables, and

  • communicate with contractors using the AWEbase comment system.

Allocating Deliverables

A JobOpp consists of Deliverables and the contractors to whom you'd like to offer the work.

It's often useful to allocate some of those Deliverables to specific contractors. For example, if you have 10 animal illustrations to assign, and three of them involve bears, you may wish to allocate all three to the contractor who specializes in illustrating bears. Or if a contractor is known to work quickly, you may allocate them 5 of the illustrations right away.

Note that allocating a Deliverable to a contractor is not the same thing as assigning it. Allocation is strictly internal: it doesn't create a Job, a contract, or a message to the contractor. You can allocate and re-allocate a Deliverable as you wish until it's actually contracted and assigned to a contractor.

To allocate a Deliverable, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the JobOpp screen and click on the subject of the JobOpp you want to discuss.

  2. Select the "Contractors" tab.

  3. Note the "Job" button next to the name of the contractor to whom you wish to allocate one or more Deliverables. (The icon displays the number of Deliverables that you have already allocated to the contractor thus far.)

  4. The allocation panel appears when you click the "Job" button next to the contractor's name.

  5. Choose any number of Deliverables from the β€œAllocate Deliverables” drop-down menu. (If you don't see a Deliverable you're looking for, start typing its name into the "Allocate Deliverables" field.) Note that only Deliverables that are part of this JobOpp are available to allocated.

  6. You can remove an allocated Deliverable by clicking the "trash" button.

Note that once you allocate a Deliverable to a contractor, it's no longer available to be allocated to another contractor.

Creating Jobs from Allocated Deliverables

Once you have allocated one or more Deliverables to a contractor, you can use the JobOpp tool to create a Job by contracting those Deliverables to that contractor.

The process for doing so is very similar to allocating the Deliverables.

First, click the "Job" button next to the name of the contractor you wish to hire. When the allocation panel slides out, next make sure that all the proper Deliverables are allocated to the contractor. Finally, click the "Create Job" button to initiate the Job-creation process, which is described in detailed here.

Communicating with contractors

You can only communicate with contractors through a JobOpp after you have sent them a JobOpp Inquiry.

When a contractor receives a JobOpp Inquiry from you, they will reply to it by sending you a JobOpp comment if they're interested in the project or have questions about it. In return, you can add comments of your own, and in this way have a conversation about the project.

To review and add JobOpp comments, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the JobOpp screen and click on the subject of the JobOpp you want to discuss.

  2. Select the "Contractors" tab.

  3. Note the "comment" button next to the name of the contractor with whom you wish to communicate. The icon displays the number of JobOpp comments you have received from the contractor, as well as a red notification dot if you haven't seen one or more of these comments.

  4. The comment panel, which displays previous comments from the contractor and yourself, appears when you click the "comment" button.

  5. Type your comment into the box at the top, then click "Add Comment" to send the comment to the contractor.

  6. You may wish to click the "reply" button on a specific comment in order to quote that comment in your new comment, thus adding context to what you write.

  7. Click the "edit" button to open and edit one of your previous comments.

  8. Click the "delete" button to remove your comment altogether. (You can only delete your own comments, and only so long as the contractor has not replied to it with the "reply" button.)


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