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Create a new JobOpp

Recruit contractors and invite them to check out your project

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Once you have Deliverables ready and assignable, you can use the JobOpp tool to reach out to your contractors and see if they're interested in taking on the project.


An AWEbase JobOpp is a collection of:

  • all the Deliverables you'd you like to contract for a given project, and

  • all the contractors to whom you'd like to offer the work.

For example, if your magazine needs 10 articles, you could add all 10 of them to a JobOpp, along with any number of writers who you think might be interested in writing those articles.

JobOpp Inquiries

When you're satisfied with a JobOpp, you can send JobOpp Inquiries to all the contractors you've attached to that JobOpp. The contractors receive the inquiries as notifications inside AWEbase (and via e-mail, if they have option turned on). The inquiries include a message from you about the project (as detailed below), but don't list or mention any other contractors who have also been sent inquiries.

Note: If the contractor has not yet joined AWEbase or connected with your organization, when you send them a JobOpp Inquiry, the system first e-mails them an invitation (as described here); once they connect with your organization, they can review your JobOpp Inquiries from inside their AWEbase account.

Create a new JobOpp

  1. Choose “Create JobOpp” from the master drop-down menu to open the “Create New JobOpp” pop-up.

  2. Enter a subject for the JobOpp. (This will be part of the message sent to contractors.)

  3. Assign a reply-by date. (This is the deadline by which the contractor should respond to the JobOpp.)

  4. Enter a message. (This will be the body of the message sent to contractors.)

  5. Select the contractors to receive your message:

    + Choose any number of contractors from the “Add Contractors” drop-down menu. (If you don't see a contractor you're looking for, start typing their name into the "Add Contractors" field. If they aren't in your system, you'll need to add them to your database.)

    + You can also choose a contractor group from the “Add Contractor Group” drop-down menu. (Learn how to create a contractor group here.)

Note: If a contractor isn't in your database, you can add them.

Add Deliverables and save

  1. Select the Deliverables tab.

  2. Choose a Deliverable from the “Add Deliverables” drop-down menu. (Note that all Deliverables must be marked “assignable,” share the same category, and be assigned to you in order to be available.) You may perform this step multiple times to add multiple Deliverables.

  3. Click the “Save Draft” button to save the JobOpp and close the pop-up.

Send JobOpp Inquiries

  1. Go to the JobOpp screen and click on the JobOpp for which you want to recruit contractors.

  2. Note that if any of the Deliverables in the JobOpp include reference assets that are toggled "Display on JobOpp," those assets will appear on the JobOpp "References" tab, and will be visible to contractors reviewing the JobOpp Inquiry.

  3. Click the “Send” button. This sends a JobOpp Inquiry, by internal message (and possibly by e-mail), to each contractor on your list.

Next Steps

If the contractors are connected with your organization, they will receive a notification that you have a JobOpp Inquiry for them.

If they aren't connected, they will first receive an invitation to join AWEbase and connect with you. Once connected, they can review your JobOpp Inquiry from inside their AWEbase account.

Once they review your JobOpp Inquiry on AWEbase, contractors reply to your inquiry by sending you a comment, such as an acceptance of the project, or questions about the Deliverables. You can review and reply to their comments by selecting the "Contractors" tab on the JobOpp, then clicking on the "comments" icon. (Learn about using comments to communicated with contractors here.)

Alternative Option: Create a JobOpp from the Deliverables screen

An alternative method of creating a new JobOpp starts on the Deliverables screen, and allows you to assign multiple Deliverables to the JobOpp at once.

  1. Go to the Deliverables screen.

  2. Check the boxes next to any number of Deliverables that are marked "assignable," have the same category, and are assigned to you.

  3. Choose "Create JobOpp with Deliverables" from the master drop-down menu to open the “Create New JobOpp with Deliverables” pop-up. This pop-up is populated with the Deliverables you chose in step 2.

  4. Carry out the steps above to add the additional required information.

Closing a JobOpp

Once you're done with a JobOpp (all the Deliverables are accounted for, all the contractors have replied to you, or the project has otherwise moved forward) you can close it. There are two ways to do so:

  • On the JobOpp screen, click the JobOpp you want to close, then click them "Mark as Closed" button on the top right corner.

  • On the JobOpp screen, check the box next to any number of JobOpps you want to close, then choose "Mark as Closed" from the action menu above.

Note: You can only close JobOpps that are marked as "active" and assigned to you, rather than another staff member. When an active JobOpp is closed, any Deliverables that have been allocated to a contractor but not contracted will be deallocated so they can be assigned to any contractor.

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