Creating a Share Card

Sharing your information with the right people, in the right way.

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If you have multiple Backpack profiles, select the profile you would like to create a Share Card for and then:

  1. From the main menu of the profile, select Share Cards

  2. Select the plus (+) icon

  3. Select the type of Share Card you would like to create - either a Custom Card or a Food Allergies card

  4. You can customize the title and color of your card, as well as add as many Health Entries as you would like. Within each option, you can also edit the level of profile details included on the card. Select any section to expand it, showing your full list of entries and then check the ones you wish to include to your Share Card

  5. Once you’ve created your Share Card, select Done to save it

You can create as many Share Cards as you like, in any color (even multiples of the same!), and share them in the language you prefer. Just be sure to clearly title each one to make finding the right one easier. 

To delete a Share Card, open the Share Card you want to delete, select Edit on the bottom of it, then select the trash can on the bottom right. You will not be able to delete any system created Share Card (Health History, Emergency) but you can adjust what is shared in each one as you like. 

To delete a Group Share Card you’ll need to leave the Group first.

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