Share Cards are all about getting the right information to the right people. Backpack Health gets you started with Share Cards by automatically providing two in every account – the Emergency Card and Health History Card. You also have options for other cards you can add, like a Food Allergy Card. You can add as many custom Share Cards as you want, even sending your Share Cards as URLs.


Key information (like your name and date of birth) is automatically added to your Emergency Share Card to ensure that it’s available in the case of an emergency. To change what’s shown on your Emergency Share Card, simply tap or click Edit on the card and select or de-select the information you choose. 

Health History 

By default, all of the information you add into your Backpack gets added to the Health History Share Card. This is so you can have a complete picture of all of your health information and be able to share that easily. You can still edit this card at any time, adding or removing any information that’s included on it. To do so, simply tap or click Edit on the card and select or de-select the information you choose. If you’re wanting to share specific information with someone, try making a custom share card – you can make as many as you want, for different people or scenarios and include only the pieces of info that are necessary.

Food Allergy 

When you add a Food Allergy to your Backpack, you can add it to your Food Allergy Share Card. This one is great if you want to be able to translate information about your food allergy into another language when you’re traveling or eating out.

Custom Share Cards

You can create any kind of Share Card you want to! How about a Share Card for:

  • Your child’s school with medications, conditions and vaccinations
  • A physical therapist or trainer with past injuries and current treatments 
  • The babysitter with the kids’ info and their medication lists
  • A specialist with your conditions, medications and most recent lab results

Group Share Cards

When you join a group on Backpack Health, you get another Share Card in your Backpack. This card will have the name of the group you’ve joined on it, and this is where you can add all of the information you would like to share with the admins of the group. With your consent, the information provided is de-identified and aggregated (meaning, it’s not connected to you in any way and it’s combined with all other group members’ data), making it possible for researchers to leverage the power of collective data to increase the understanding of various conditions and improve the path to diagnosis and treatment.

Note: Group admins will ONLY be able to see de-identified, aggregate data. As always, your personal health information is safe and secure. More information about your Account Security and Privacy can be found in our help documentation, or you can review our full Terms & Privacy.

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