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Creating & Managing Backpack Profiles
Creating & Managing Backpack Profiles

Add Backpacks for those you love to manage their health in the same place you manage your own.

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Create a New Backpack Profile

You can add Backpacks for the people you care for to your account. A couple things to know first: 

  • You’ll be asked to confirm that you’re their Legally Authorized Representative (LAR). This is to ensure you’re authorized to consent to the use and sharing of their health information by using Backpack Health on their behalf. If you’re not their LAR (parent, individual with parental authority, power of attorney, or guardian) you can ask their LAR to sign up, create a Backpack for them, and share access with you

  • If the person is capable of co-managing their own health information, they should sign up for their own account and share access to their Backpack with you. 

If you manage your loved ones’ health information, you can add them to your Backpack as an additional profile. If they actively manage their health information as well, they can Share their Backpack account with you, so you can seamlessly co-manage their health information together.

Tip: Creating a Backpack profile for someone too young to co-manage their health information? You can invite them to sign up and share access to their Backpack with you when they’re old enough.

To create a new Backpack profile:

1. Select Add another person (+) from the Main Menu

2. Review a summary of required profile information and select the arrow button → on the top right. 

3. Confirm that you’re this person’s Legally Authorized Representative

4. Agree to our Profile Privacy Policy

5. Set up the profile by entering their their name, residence, date of birth, and gender and birth sex

6. Agree to our Health Information Privacy Policy.

Tip: Share access to your loved one’s Backpack with others to manage their health information collaboratively.

Note: If this person is a child between the ages of 13 and 17 residing in France, you must also share with them information about how Backpack Health will use and share personal information about them, and they must also consent to the use and sharing of their data by Backpack Health. See our child-friendly explanation to help you share this information.

Manage Backpack Profiles

All the Backpacks you have access to can be selected from the Main Menu, including your own. Make sure you’re in the right one when you’re managing your health and your family’s health, so that everything is where it belongs.

Delete a Backpack Profile

When you delete a Backpack profile, you’re deleting that person’s Backpack, and all the health info saved in it – this can’t be undone. There is no way to recover a Backpack once it’s deleted. You can’t delete a Backpack if you’re sharing access to it with someone else. Anyone else with access has to remove their access before the Backpack can be deleted.

To delete a Backpack profile:

1. Open the Backpack you’d like to delete.
2. Select Profile from the Main Menu.
3. Select Delete this Backpack (at the bottom – this button will only be there if you’re the only person with access).

4. Confirm to delete the Backpack and all its contents. 

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