Share Cards and the health information you include on them can be translated into all the languages we support (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian)! Download and share translated Share Card PDF files or give someone live, translatable access by sharing a Share Card’s URL and Access Code.  

Translate a Share Card 

Whether you want to share your health info in another language or you’re just curious to see it, here’s how to translate Share Cards in the app. 

1. Select Share Cards from the Main Menu.
2. Open the Share Card you want to translate.
3. Select the globe icon on the bottom right.

4. Pick a language from the menu. 

Download and Share a Translated PDF

Once your Share Card is translated, you can create a PDF file of the translated version to download and share.

1. Follow the steps above to translate a Share Card.
2. Select SHARE PDF on the bottom left to create a preview of your translated PDF file.

3. If you’re using the mobile app: Select the share button in the top left corner. This will give you options to share the PDF via text message, email and more.
    If you’re using Backpack Health on the web: Print or download the PDF file to your computer. 

Tip: To share live, translatable information instead of a static PDF, give someone a Share Card’s URL and Access Code. The online Share Card URL can be translated similarly to Share Cards in the app (see below). 

Translate a Share Card URL 

You can also translate Share Cards online! Give someone a Share Card’s URL and Access Code or link your Emergency Share Card to medical ID accessories so first responders can see all your up-to-date vital information in the language they prefer.  

1. Go to the Share Card’s URL web address and submit its Access Code.
2. Select the globe icon on the top right.

3. Pick a language from the dropdown menu. 

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