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What are Groups?

Backpack Health is a unique tool that helps you keep track of all of your health info so that it's portable, manageable, sharable, and translatable. And, by being connected to various groups or organizations through Backpack Health, you'll also have the opportunity to connect with others and make a difference together.

If you are joining a group on behalf of someone else (such as your child), please first switch into their profile, so that you can join the group on their behalf. If they don’t already have a profile in your Backpack, you must add it first.

To join a group:

  1. Navigate to Groups from the main menu. 

  2. Select the plus (+) icon and search for a group.

  3. You can search by name, condition, or concern that group addresses

  4. You can browse our current groups by scrolling down

  5. Select your group.

  6. Carefully read the group information. You will be required to understand and agree to any eligibility criteria and data sharing implications. Learn more about those here.

  7. Agree to the group terms, eligibility, and data sharing.

View Your Groups

  1. Navigate to Groups from the main menu.

  2. Select the group you would like to view.

  3. Scroll to see contact information, social media links, as well as important group details and group resources for members.

To leave a group:
Navigate to your Groups and then select the group you would like to leave. Scroll to the bottom of group information and click on Leave Group. Confirm that this is the correct group to leave, or select cancel to go back.

You’ll always be able to see the groups you were previously a member of, in case you need to rejoin at a later date.

*If you search for a group and it isn’t there, let us know! It may not be a part of Backpack Health Groups yet. You can learn more about our Groups and how to contact us to find out more about Backpack Health for your organization here.

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