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Using a Share Card URL
Using a Share Card URL
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A Share Card URL is a great way to share up to date information without needing to create new Share Cards or resending the information over and over. You can enable the unique URL on any of your Share Cards and share that in many different ways. As you update the information on that particular Share Card it will auto-magically be updated on the link you’ve shared out as well! And, each URL has a secure access code that you can change, so you’re always in control of who sees your information.

Medical ID Accessories

Medical IDs are a simple way to communicate your important information to first-responders in an emergency. Backpack Health wants to ensure that if you or your loved ones have ongoing medical conditions, drug or food allergies, or take multiple medicines, you are able to communicate that information anytime, from anywhere. Learn more about our integration with Medical ID accessories.

We’ve built out a way to integrate your Medical ID jewelry with Backpack Health. We've partnered with StickyJ to help ensure your health information can be on hand when needed most. Check them out to learn more!

Using Your Phone’s Medical ID

First responders and other health professionals will often check for information from your phone, wallet, or purse for any important emergency medical information. Setting up your phone’s Emergency Information (Android) or Medical ID (iOS) is a great way to have your health information on hand, even if you’re unable to speak on behalf of yourself or a loved one.

This information is available on your lock screen, if you don’t want this information to be accessible to anyone who could have access to your cell phone, you might consider using one of the alternatives on this page.

Writing the URL on a card to be kept in your wallet

Easily grant access to your information via the URL by keeping it in your wallet or taped to your driver’s license. This can be helpful if a friend of family member is nearby to help in an emergency situation, or you want to provide this information quickly to someone to reference later.

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