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Writing & Sharing Comments
Writing & Sharing Comments

Add comments to your health info for reference and to share.

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Unlike Backpack Notes, which live in one centralized list, Health Info Comments are for adding details to specific pieces of health information in your Backpack. 

Write & Edit a Comment 

  1. Create or open the health entry you’d like to comment on. 

  2. Select Write a comment

  3. Type your comment. 

  4. Select the checkmark on the top right.

All set! 🎉You can edit your saved comments by opening them and selecting the text field. 

Tip: To quickly find health entries with comments, look for the comment icon in your list of Health Info

Share a Comment 

Comments included on Share Cards will display with their health entry if the health entry is on a Share Card. Only the specific comments you choose to include will be listed, and you can remove them anytime. 

Note for group members: Comments are excluded from Group Share Cards – this is to protect your privacy. If a health entry with shared comments is on a Group Share Card, it will not include the comments. 

  1. Write or open a comment you’d like to share. 

  2. Switch the Include on Share Cards toggle to on.

  3. Select the checkmark if it’s a new comment, or DONE if it’s a saved comment, on the top right. 

Now your comment will be on the Share Cards you choose with its health entry. You can create a PDF to share or share live by giving someone its URL and Access Code

Note: You can remove comments from your Share Cards anytime by switching the Include on Share Cards toggle to off. 

Delete a Comment 

  1. Open the comment you’d like to delete.

  2. Select the delete button on the bottom right. 

  3. Confirm to delete the comment.

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