Unlike Backpack Notes, which live in one centralized list, Health Info Comments are for adding details to specific pieces of health information in your Backpack. 

Write & Edit a Comment 

  1. Create or open the health entry you’d like to comment on. 

  2. Select Write a comment

  3. Type your comment. 

  4. Select the checkmark on the top right.

All set! 🎉You can edit your saved comments by opening them and selecting the text field. 

Tip: To quickly find health entries with comments, look for the comment icon in your list of Health Info

Share a Comment 

Comments included on Share Cards will display with their health entry if the health entry is on a Share Card. Only the specific comments you choose to include will be listed, and you can remove them anytime. 

Note for group members: Comments are excluded from Group Share Cards – this is to protect your privacy. If a health entry with shared comments is on a Group Share Card, it will not include the comments. 

  1. Write or open a comment you’d like to share. 

  2. Switch the Include on Share Cards toggle to on.

  3. Select the checkmark if it’s a new comment, or DONE if it’s a saved comment, on the top right. 

  4. Make sure you’ve added the health entry to your Share Cards

Now your comment will be on the Share Cards you choose with its health entry. You can create a PDF to share or share live by giving someone its URL and Access Code

Note: You can remove comments from your Share Cards anytime by switching the Include on Share Cards toggle to off. 

Delete a Comment 

  1. Open the comment you’d like to delete.

  2. Select the delete button on the bottom right. 

  3. Confirm to delete the comment.

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