When you’re ready to share your health information, you can decide what language it will be shared in. By default your Share Cards will be in the language you have chosen for your account in Settings. 

 To share your cards in another language:

  1. Create or open a Share Card.
  2. Select the language you would like to share this card in.
  3. When you’re ready to share, select Share PDF.

You will then be prompted to the PDF file of your Share Card. If you are on a mobile device, you select the share icon in the top left corner to share it immediately. 

If you are on a desktop, you need to download the PDF file to your computer first by selecting the download icon in the top right corner, and then send it from your computer. You can also print the PDF file from your computer if you’d like a physical copy, by selecting the print icon in the top right corner.

This switching is a temporary setting. As soon as your card is closed or you navigate away from the Share view, the card goes back to your preferred language setting.

For Share Card URLs, the option to switch the language is already built into each link, so it’s easy to share one URL and have it accessible and translatable on the go!

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