If you manage your loved ones’ health information, you can add them to your Backpack as an additional profile. If they actively manage their health information as well, they can Share their Backpack account with you, so you can seamlessly co-manage their health information together.

To add another profile to your Backpack:

  1. From the main menu of your primary profile, select Add another person (+)
  2. Set up the additional profile by agreeing that you are their authorized representative (if not, ask them to create their own Backpack Health account)
  3. Agree to our Privacy Policy 
  4. Enter their profile information including their name, country of residence, date of birth and gender 
  5. Finally, agree to our Health Information Privacy Policy

Once you have added the information for the additional profile, you can add Health Information, Files, Photos, Videos, and Notes just like you can with your primary profile. You can also Share Access with others to collaborate on managing their health information.

To view, edit or delete an added profile: 

  1. Select the profile you would like by clicking their photo or initials from the Main Menu
  2. From here you can add and edit health information, edit existing entries, or delete the profile. 

To delete the profile:

  1. Select the profile you would like by clicking their photo or initials from the Main Menu
  2. Select Profile, and then Delete this Backpack. It’s important that you know that you can only delete that profile if you are the last owner of it. If there are other owners listed in the Access page, everyone needs to remove themselves as an owner (under Access and Remove myself as an Owner) and the last one remaining can delete the account.

Once deleted, there is no way to recover the additional profile.

Tips for success:

  • In order to add this person to your Backpack Health account, you must be legally authorized to consent, on the data subject’s behalf, to the use and sharing of this person’s information by Backpack Health. This means you are the data subject’s legally authorized representative (e.g., parent, individual with parental authority, power of attorney, guardian, etc.).
  • If this person is a child between the ages of 13 and 17 residing in France, you must also share with them information about how Backpack Health will use and share personal information about them, and they must also consent to the use and sharing of their data by Backpack Health. See our child-friendly explanation to help you share this information.
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