Before we talk about differences let's start by talking about the similarities between our BBS02 & BBSHD Mid Drive motors:

  • They can both be used with Throttle or Pedal-assist power

  • They are both quiet and powerful brushless DC motors

  • They can all get varying ranges based on riding style and battery selection. (For more information on the range please visit our range estimate link here)

  • They are both typically able to achieve speeds of more than 25 MPH+ (dependent on bike gearing and terrain)

Let's take a look at the specs!

Figure 1. BBS02 & BBSHD specs

“Both types of motors are installed in your bike’s bottom bracket and replace your bike’s crankset and front derailleur (if you have one) So, what is the difference?"

Quick Note about BBS02 vs. BBS02B vs. BBS02B "upgraded controller"... (etc.)

All BBS02 motors made after 2016 are all BBS02B motors, so don't get confused when sellers try to advertise upgraded controllers or BBS02B motors. All of our 750W BBS02 motors have come with "Upgraded controllers" for the past 5 years! In this same marketing vein, all of the 750W BBS02 motors we sell are the latest and greatest BBS02B motor with the "upgraded controller" and or "upgraded programming" (what other sellers are referring to with regards to all of this additional marketing lingo is absolutely unclear). When we refer to the BBS02 throughout this article and on our site, we are referring to the latest & greatest BBS02B motor with an "upgraded controller". So we just wanted to make sure that there is no confusion in order to cut right through all of the marking tactics and hype which many sellers try to use to confuse 😎👍

Quick Note about BBSHD vs. BBS03 vs. BBSHD "upgraded controller"... (etc.)

All BBSHD motors are BBS03 motors, they are different names for the same motor so don't get confused when sellers try to advertise BBS03 or BBSHD with upgraded controllers. All of our 1000W BBSHD motors come with "Upgraded controllers" 😎👍

Weph, now that we cleared this up let's take a look at the difference in power between the BBS02 and the BBSHD!

If you look closely the first difference is the power, the BBS02 is rated for a max current of 25A which in turn can develop peak power up 1,470 Watts of power when paired with a 52V battery (58.8 V x 25 Amp). While the BBSHD is rated for a max current of 30A which in turn can develop peak power up to 1,764 Watts of power when paired with a 52V battery (58.8 V x 30 Amp).

From a design point of view

The BBSHD is more robust than BBS02, and the BBSHD has better heat dissipation with larger cooling fins on both the motor and the controller.

The BBSHD also has a higher-performance motor controller with an integrated 30 amp 12 MOSFET controller which allows for better performance when compared with the 9 MOSFET controller of the BBS02.

But what does it mean?!

I want to stop here and take a second to ask the all-important question, how much power is really enough?

Depending on gearing, the BBS02 is able to achieve 25MPH or even 30+ MPH while the BBSHD being more powerful has the ability to go even faster! The BBSHD is more powerful than BBS02 due to its massive torque (up 160 N.M) and a higher rotation speed (RPM). Please keep in mind that the BBS02 motor cranks out 120 N.M of torque, so in fact, this still puts most factory e-bikes to shame which commonly produce up to 80 N.M of torque. 😎

BBS02 & BBSHD Chainring Compatibility

The Mid Drive motor chainrings are specially designed to operate with the motor that it is intended to be used with (ie. BBS02 chainrings will work with BBS02 motors and BBSHD chainrings will work with BBSHD motors).

Which one is best for you?!

If you are carrying heavy loads or just want to get the maximum torque for steep terrain or even in sand, snow, or grass terrains, you might be inclined to go with the BBSHD motor.

If most of the time you are riding on a flat terrain or terrain with less power requirements, you might be inclined to use a BBS02 motor.

Sometimes customers that have ridden ebikes with each of these motors on flat terrain say they can’t notice much of a difference between the BBS02 and the BBSHD, so it is really dependent on the specific rider, installation, application, and riding factors.

So, if you asking yourself at this point "Will it work with my bike?"

Don't worry, we've got you covered and have created an easy-to-follow step-by-step quiz with videos and printable tools in order to check the compatibility of both of our Mid Drive Motors (BBS02 and BBSHD) with your existing bike!

🚲 Proceed with taking our Step-By-Step Bike Compatibility Quiz by clicking the button below!⚡️

If you want to learn more about the difference between our Mid Drive Motors and Hub Motor options then we recommend clicking the button to check out the comparison link below!

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