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(!) Currently the BetterYou app is only available in English language and will not work on devices set-up to use other languages.

How does this app work?

We help you find time to focus on your health and wellness through setting goals in the app and then letting it work in the background to log your progress and update your goals dashboard. You are sent nudges that encourage you to spend time hitting these goals.

We believe in the power of positive-reinforcement so we provide visually interesting designs, timely messaging, and rewards to help you stay engaged in crushing your goals!

There are two types of goals, and corresponding data, we use to accomplish this.

  • App-based goals and location-based goals: include meditation, spirituality, reading, learning, working out, staying in touch with loved ones, and going to the gym. These are all either tied to how you use apps towards these goals on your mobile device or from GPS data to update your goal. You can choose to use apps only, location only, or both. Once you've set an app-based or location-based goal we can use the app name and your time spent using it to log progress toward your goal.

  • Health Kit-based goals: includes sleep and steps. We use data collected by Google Fit or Apple Health to update your steps goal. Sleep disturbances are detected by how much you engage with your device during your set sleep window.

How do I set (or delete) a goal in BetterYou?

  • To set a goal in the app, navigate to the Goals tab and choose an area that is meaningful to you: Physical, Social, Education, or Mindfulness, etc. From there, set specific targets regarding sleep, steps, meditation, places you want to visit, and more.

  • To delete a goal touch and hold the icon until the "Remove Goal" window appears and follow the prompts.

How do I track my progress?

  • BetterYou will log your progress in the background automatically, but you can check your progress anytime by selecting a goal area in the Goals tab of the app. There, you will find up-to-date stats on your progress for each wellness category.

  • Pull down on the screen while in the Goals tab to refresh the app at anytime.

How do I earn rewards?

  • As of 2023, there are more and different opportunities to earn unlimited rewards including engaging more with the app and hitting goals. These are awarded randomly to serve as positive reinforcement while using non-monetary motivation strategies as a driver for healthy habit development.

  • If you have earned a reward you'll receive a notification. Open the app and click on BetterBot in the top righthand corner of your Goals page. This will take you to your Journey Center -- click on "Milestones" and claim your reward! Please note that you'll need to verify for your email before you can claim your rewards. Make sure to check your Spam folder if you do not see your verification email.

  • You will receive a digital gift-card email that you can redeem via our Rewards Portal.

  • You can also potentially earn rewards by participating in Community-wide wellness challenges. Stay tuned for emails and in-app messages to learn about upcoming challenges!

Account-specific Help:

How do I reset my password?

  • If you forgot your password, click “forgot password?” on the login page and enter your email address to get a link to reset your password.

  • The reset email comes from

How can I delete my account?

  • If you’d like to delete your account, click on the "Account" tab on your Profile. Then click on "Delete Account" at the bottom. Please note that deleting your account is permanent.

How do to get Support if I have a question?

  • You can visit our Help Center if you have questions about the app.

  • To report a bug, if the app crashes, or if you are experiencing persisting issues, you can message us using the in-app chat by selecting "Support" in the profile tab. You can also email with a detailed description of the issue you witnessed. We’re on it!

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions.

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