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The Profile tab is where you find set-up, profile management, and support information.

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The following (Android) screenshots represent what every member sees if using an Apple or Android/Google device.

Main Profile Tab


Opening this tab provides instructions for syncing your wearable(s) to ensure the data is available to the BetterYou app.


For the most up to date information visit these support pages:

(iOS) Logging

For the app to be able to update your goals, track your achievements, and issue applicable rewards iOS-users have to take screenshots of your Screen Time. This interface walks you through how to accomplish this task. Check out this video for more information.


  • Where you can sign out of your account or delete your account

  • Where you can edit your username and choose a different avatar

Help Center

Tapping on this option will open our online Help Center allowing you to search our articles for answers to commonly asked questions. The information contained in the Help Center is constantly being updated as we roll out new features and functions.


  • We're available to help you with any support-issues you encounter via in-app chat

  • During business-hours (8a-5p CST, Monday-Friday) you'll have the option to talk with one of our Support-experts.

  • Outside of business-hours we provide a ResolutionBot that's capable of answering many questions. You will also have the option to connect with a person once we've reopened for business.

Please reach out to us directly at with any questions

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