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How to use PIN code or Face ID
How to use PIN code or Face ID

Steps on how to add extra security to your app.

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Face ID is only available for Apple devices. PIN code is available for all devices that are supported by Bilance.

PIN code

  • To set up a PIN code go to the Account page.

    Bilance account page

  • Tap on Security and press on the "Pin code".

  • Enter and confirm your PIN.

Forgot your PIN?

You need to sign in again to your Bilance app and then you can set a new PIN code.

Face ID

  • To set up Face ID you first need to set up a PIN code. This is needed if Face ID doesn't recognize your face.

  • Go to the Account page.

  • Tap on Security and set up a PIN code.

  • Then tap on the Face ID unlock and set up your Face ID.

Learn more about our commitment to protecting your security & privacy.

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