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Security & Privacy: Everything You Need to Know
Security & Privacy: Everything You Need to Know

Learn about our approach to protecting your data.

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Keeping your data secure and private while using Bilance is our highest priority. Here are the key principles we follow.

We don’t sell your data.

Our business model is simple - create a product that people are willing to pay for. This ensures that our interests are aligned with our users’ interests. We don’t sell your personal or financial data. All the usage data we collect is only used for improving the product.

We have read-only access to your financial data.

When you set up your bank accounts to automatically sync with Bilance, you need to authorize the access through your bank. Bilance never sees your bank login credentials – we only receive an authorization token with a limited lifetime.

Importantly, we access all bank account information in a read-only mode. We can not access your money or make any changes to your bank account. Additionally, you can revoke the data access at any time

We use secure data infrastructure & servers.

To keep your data as safe as possible, we don’t manage our own servers. Instead, we use the Google Cloud Platform for data storage and encryption.

The Google Cloud Platform is one of the most secure solutions available in the industry, compliant with ISO/IEC 27001 information asset security standards and SOC 2 reporting standards for security, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Additionally, all data transfers between the server and your device are protected by SSL/TLS encryption.

We rely only on trusted 3rd parties to deliver our services.

We use GoCardless and Nordigen, a GoCardless company, to access your bank account information. This happens only with your explicit consent and in compliance with personal data protection regulations.

GoCardless SAS (registration No.834422180) is a limited liability company registered under the laws of the French Republic. GoCardless is a licensed Account Information Service Provider (AISP), regulated by the French Financial Conduct Authority (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution) and authorized in 31 European countries.

We also use the OpenAI API as part of our data processing stack to accurately categorize your expenses, provide insights and enable powerful upcoming features.

We have a strict data processing agreement with OpenAI. OpenAI retains user data sent by Bilance solely for abuse and misuse monitoring purposes. The data is stored for a maximum of 30 days, after which it is deleted. OpenAI is not allowed to use data submitted by Bilance to train or improve its AI models.

You are in control of your data & privacy.

You can protect the privacy of the Bilance app on your phone by adding a PIN code or biometric authentication, such as Face ID to unlock the app.

If you decide to delete your account and financial data, you can do so at any time in the app. Navigate to the Account tab, tap your name at the top, and then tap Delete Account. Alternatively, you can contact us for assistance at

If you delete your Bilance account, your login info and all financial data, including bank account information, transactions, and budgets, will be permanently and irreversibly deleted.

Do you have any questions about security & privacy?

We would be happy to answer – just contact us at

For more information, you can also read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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