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12 Tips for Savings: Groceries
12 Tips for Savings: Groceries
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With the cost of living on the rise, your usual grocery shopping can take a big bite out of your budget. Here are practical tips to help you save money on groceries.

πŸ‘Œ Set a budget: Review your β€œGroceries” category spending over the last few months with Bilance. Then, set a realistic budget for the next month. Check in at least once a week to see how much you have left to spend.

πŸ“ Make a list: Think through what you need before going to the grocery store. It's your best defense against impulse purchases, guaranteeing you stick to the essentials. Also, it will save you significant time.

πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Only buy what you need: Sounds obvious, but try not to buy more than you need. Make sure you use the ingredients already in your kitchen before buying more.

🚚 Order grocery delivery: Getting groceries delivered helps to avoid temptations and makes meal planning much easier. Beware of higher list prices and shipping fees, though.

πŸ“¦ Buy in bulk: Buying more at once can be cheaper overall. It also means fewer trips to the store, saving you time and transport costs.

🚨 Find discounts: Take advantage of discounts, but only on items you already planned to buy.

πŸ’³ Use a loyalty card: If you have not yet signed up for a customer card for your favorite shops, do it now! In addition to extra savings, you can earn credit and sometimes win prizes.

πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ Embrace local and seasonal: Choosing seasonal produce is often cheaper and supports local economies. Try shopping at marketplaces and avoid shopping in centers.

🍱 Master the art of meal planning: Plan meals around your shopping habits to reduce waste and only buy what you need.

πŸ”ͺ Do more of the cooking: Cooking at home rather than buying pre-made meals helps to save a lot – but only if you have time and mood for cooking.

🍝 Use leftovers: Transform yesterday's leftovers into today's lunch masterpiece. It's a smart and tasty way to minimize waste and keep your meals fresh and interesting.

🀝 Community sharing: Engage in community sharing to exchange home-grown produce, potentially reducing the need to buy certain items.

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