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What bin liners fit my product?
What bin liners fit my product?
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Finding the right bin liner size can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together some helpful tips to help you identify the right liner to fit your product.

How to choose liners for your bin

With some of our in-cupboard products, we have already suggested a Simplehuman liner that will fit your product. You can refer the last paragraph of the Key Features section on the product page for our suggestion.

The key with finding liners to fit is to measure the circumference at the top of the bin container instead of going by the size in litres. This helps to ensure that the liner will fit around the corners of the bucket (many pedal bin liners are sized to fit a round bin).

If you have a Joseph Joseph or Brabantia product, the manufacturers make their own liners custom fit to their products. You may have received a sample pack with your product, otherwise it is easy to find the matching liner for your product. These can be purchased from the manufacturers online or you can check if a shop near you sells them.

Measuring bin circumference

When measuring bin circumference for your liner, remember to measure from each corner of the bin to get the exact measurement. This ensures the liner won’t be too tight or too loose. Take the measurement from the top of the bin across, then down, then back in a loop to the starting point. You can also add a couple of centimetres to your measurement to ensure the liner fits well.

Where to buy bin liners?

Unfortunately, we do not sell any liners ourselves. However, you can purchase bin liners at your local grocery store, home store, or even online. Many stores now offer liners that are designed to fit any size bin, so you’re sure to find one that fits your product.

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