When needed, you can share information about your care recipient's care with their wider care circle. Health professionals, council staff and district nurses can request and easily access the digital care logs of your care recipients directly on their devices.

It's a great tool to make sure that your care recipient's information stays safe and secure while still giving the right information at the right time to other professionals while carrying out their care duties.

How to give access to a third party?

There are two ways to share the unique code. You decide which works best for your agency and your care recipients.

Off-site: A third party can call up the agency and ask for the unique access code that you can find in your care recipient's profile in the Birdie Agency Hub.

On-site: You can decide to leave a print version of the access code in your care recipient's home.

When a third party is visiting, they can find it in their file. You can download the pdf on your care recipients profile page by clicking on Download info and selecting Basic information then click Download PDF.

Visit the third-party online page

To access the care recipients' information, the third party needs to visit the Birdie Third-Party Online Portal. They can then enter their details and the unique access code linked to the client.

How to access the care information

When logged in on their device (mobile or desktop), the person requesting the access will be able to see the care recipient's Personal information and Care log.

On the left tab, they can access the personal details of the care recipient. They’ll find information such as their name, their GP, their medications and allergies.

On the right tab, they can access the care recipient's care logs. It gives details on each of the care visits, when it happened, what was done, how the older adult is doing and if any alerts were reported. 

Increased visibility for care managers

Once the third-party access code has been used, you will receive an alert to let you know that someone has taken a look at the care log in the Birdie Agency Hub giving you greater visibility and control over this feature.

You can also view the Access log for a care recipient's share access log which will show you the history of everyone that has logged on and used the third-party portal. From here you can decide if you need to generate a new access code, depending on who has viewed the care log.

Top tip: If a care recipient has regular visits from a known third party, it may be easier for you to keep the code the same, however, if the access code is used by an individual who needs one-time access only please ensure you generate a new code to restrict their access to the care notes.

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