So what is Visit Planning and why is it not linked to my rostered visits?

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Rostering provider

  • Your rostering provider is where you add your carer's schedules and rota.

  • Any changes to the call times need to be reflected on there.

  • Carers always see the rostered time when they open the app on the 'Visits' page.

  • Any fluctuating call times (e.g. a schedule is from 9am to 10am on weekdays, but 10am to 11am on the weekend, or a call is 30 minutes 4 times a week and 45 minutes 3 times a week) need to be added on your rostering system and not Birdie.

  • Late visit alerts, and underruns / overruns generated on Birdie come from matching the scheduled rostered time to the actual time of the carer on the app.

  • All analytics reports on visit durations, punctuality, and visit logs come from comparing the scheduled time on the roster to the actual time on the Birdie app.

Birdie's Visit Planning

  • Birdie's Visit Planning feature is where you are focussing your carers on their care delivery by creating a plan of tasks and medications for them to complete.

  • The times displayed on the Visit Plan is not visible on the carer's visit page.

  • If you update a time on your roster, this is not sent across to Birdie. You do not have to change the time on Birdie if there is no significant difference.

  • Carers can check into a visit card even if it is before / after the time of the visit.

  • The only alert generated from the Visit Plan time is the 'Visit not completed' alert.

  • You need to cancel calls on the roster and on Birdie to not get the 'visit plan not completed' alert.

  • Remember, you can add tasks and medications that are not everyday to a schedule without changing the time or duration of the visit.

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Update on Birdie

Update on your roster

Adding new clients


Adding new carers


Adding tasks & meds


Adding visit plans


Adding the rota


Changing call times


Auditing care delivery


Responding to alerts


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