How to cancel a scheduled visit

Last-minute cancellations are bound to happen - let's see how you can reflect this on Birdie to better audit your care history

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Please note: The following feature is available for all of Birdie’s packages.

You can easily cancel a single visit that will not disrupt the rest of the schedule. It is important to remember that care professionals will only see these updates when their app is connected to the internet. They will need to refresh their apps to see these last-minute changes.

Please note: If you use rostering software, this will not cancel the visit on your roster. You will need to cancel it there too.

Cancelling a visit via the Clients Tab

Click on the Clients tab, and search for the Care Recipient you want to cancel a visit for. Click the Visits tab on the left-hand side. You will then be able to see all visits that are scheduled for this Care Recipient, on a weekly basis. You can adjust to your chosen week using the arrows next to the date period.

Once you have found the visit you would like to cancel, click the visit card, and select the Edit button. You should then see a More options button, with a dropdown option to cancel the visit.

Here you can select who cancelled the visit and the reason why. You can also choose whether to pay the Care Professional for the cancelled visit and whether to invoice for this visit. Once you are done click Cancel visit.

The tasks and medications will still be attached to the visit for auditing purposes. If you want to remove the tasks or medications from the visit, follow these instructions.

Cancelling a visit via the Roster Tab

Head to the Roster tab within the agency hub, you can then find the visit that you would like to cancel. You can scroll or use the search bar to search for the Care Professional linked to this visit, or the visit may be sitting within the unallocated section.

Click on the visit you want to cancel and select View Visit details, click Edit, which will then take you to the Visits page. You will be able to see all details attached to this visit here.

To cancel the visit, click on More options, and select Cancel and Confirm. Here you will be able to add the cancellation details of the visit, such as the time it was cancelled, who it was cancelled by and whether to pay the carer/charge the payer.

You will also be able to write additional notes in the Notes box.

The visit will then show within your visit section as a cancelled visit, as shown below.

Clicking Cancel visit will only cancel this individual visit in the schedule. If you would like to stop the visit altogether, you will need to set an end date for the visit.

Please note: You can only cancel one visit at a time, if you need to cancel more visits for a longer period you may want to consider putting the Care Recipients status as temporarily inactive, this will automatically cancel all of their visits. If you need to remove the entire schedule please see this article - How to end a visit schedule.

How to reinstate a cancelled visit

You can always reinstate the visit if there's been an update. You can do this by clicking on the cancelled visit card and clicking Edit. Click the More options button at the top, and click on reinstate visit.

You can view an audit trail of who made changes to the visit schedule and when by opening the visit card, and clicking on Timeline.

Can I cancel a completed visit?

You won't be able to cancel the visit if it has been completed. However, if you are using a Birdie Finance package you will be able to discard the visit if you do not wish to charge or pay for this.

For more information on how to do this, check out this article- How to discard & restore visits in the visit confirmation tab.

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