How to download files from Birdie Analytics

Learn how to export any type of file in Birdie Analytics

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Please note: If you do not have access to these features and you are interested in learning more about Birdie Analytics, Please get in touch to talk to a member of our team!

With Birdie Analytics offering various reports, drills, and data collected from your agency hub, there may be an instance where you want to export and manage the data outside of Looker.

An example of this can be if you are wanting to audit your medication. Check out this article to learn more

How do I download data?

From your Birdie Analytics dashboard, select a report you want to download information for.

Select the 3 dot icon at the top right of the report. Once you click on this icon, a drop-down menu will appear, select Download.

You will be prompted with various download options including format, paper size, etc. Select the options that best suit your needs (we recommend downloading as a CSV so you are able to edit the data).

Please note: Looker collects a vast amount of data to create concise report updates every 24 hours. Therefore, if you make a change in the morning then these will only appear tomorrow within the Looker report.

What if I want to download a specific report?

You can simply do this by drilling into a dashboard tile and clicking 'Download' at the top right of the report. Again, you will be prompted with various download options including format and other advanced data options (we recommend downloading as a CSV and selecting the results option 'as displayed in the data table' for best results).

How to download the full rows

When viewing or downloading a report on Looker, it defaults to showing 500 rows, even if more rows of data are available.

You can change this by going to the data dropdown, and adding in a custom number e.g. 10000, then clicking run. This will update and show over 500 rows of data.

When you download the report from Looker, you can select All Results or a custom number of rows e.g. 10000, so that it downloads all the data for you.

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