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How to record deductions and split invoices [beta]
How to record deductions and split invoices [beta]
How to make a deduction or split an invoice between two different funders.
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Please note: This feature is part of a limited beta and is currently available to select partners. Please reach out to your account manager for more information.

We understand that you may want to issue a credit note against an invoice or provide a discount to a specific funder. birdie has created invoice deductions in order to make both of these scenarios possible by adding a deduction feature to the invoicing process.

In conjunction with this, birdie has now made it possible to split an invoice between multiple funders. We understand that some contracts involve a mix of funders, i.e. a combination of local authority and private, which requires the splitting of an invoice.

How to record a deduction on an invoice

You can now click on an invoice and make deductions, similar to how you can add extra charges for costs such as shopping or mileage, along with a free-text reason.

These deductions and extra charges will then appear on the invoice. At the moment, the system only supports whole numbers but may include the option to record a percentage in the future.

To do this, go to the Invoice tab, where you will see the list of invoices you have previously generated. Now click on the invoice you would like to make record a deduction against.

On the right-hand side you will see a box labelled Deductions, click the add deduction button.

You can now enter the reason for the deduction using a free-text box. For example, you could write 'a discount' or 'a credit note' as your description. Click 'save' when you are done. You will now see that the total amount has decreased and in the deductions box you will see the amount you have entered.

From this screen, you also have the option to add an extra charge for mileage, groceries etc. before you export the invoice.

Now you can export this invoice as a PDF or CSV file by clicking the Export button in the right-hand corner. You will see any charges or deductions you have made clearly on the invoice you have downloaded.

How to split an invoice for multiple funders

To split an invoice, you need to generate an invoice for your first funder. Once you have done this, click into the invoice within the Invoice tab.

Once you generate an invoice for your first funder, you will now be able to clone the invoice by clicking the Split Invoice button at the top of the screen.

From here, you can select the next funder. Now click on Split when you are done. This will now generate a brand new invoice for the same visits for a new funder. You will now see all the details for the new funder such as their name.

Pending the funding split, you will use the deduction feature (as outlined step-by-step above) to get to the correct value for each funder’s invoice. You will also need to ensure the correct funder is against the correct invoice.

For example, if you have generated the original invoice for 500GBP for Funder 1 but only 300 of that is paid by Funder 1, with a client contribution of 200 from Funder 2. You would first split the invoice with Funder 1 and Funder 2 have two separate invoices for 500GBP. You would then record a deduction of 200 GBP, with a description of 'client contribution' on Funder 1 invoice to get to their total of 300GBP. For Funder 2, you would record a deduction of 300GBP, to get to their total

When you return to the invoicing tab you will see the two invoices here and export them or send as two completely separate invoices.

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