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How to view cancelled visits and associated insights on the rota screen
How to view cancelled visits and associated insights on the rota screen

Get the visibility you need into cancelled visits within the agency hub.

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Please note: This is available on the majority of Birdie packages, excluding Care Management only packages and Care Management and Rostering packages. Please get in touch if interested in more information on this feature!

You now have more visibility into cancelled visits which helps to support better decision-making for care coordinators and can provide a more accurate view of availability within the rota.

This is especially important if a cancelled visit is part of a template where the care recipient pays a holding fee, for instance, so they know if they can allocate another visit in its place or don’t mistakenly pay a care professional twice for the same visit slot.

To provide you with the additional insights you need, we have made the following improvements to cancelled visits within Birdie.

How to cancel a visit within Birdie

The linked article here outlines how to cancel a single visit within Birdie's agency hub.

The following article outlines how cancelled visits will appear within the rota and how to get additional insights into the cancellation, including reason and pay/charge status.

How to view cancelled visits within the carer view

To turn on the Cancelled Visit insights within the Rota Screen, follow the next steps:

  • Click Display options at the top of the rota screen

  • Tick the tickbox next to Cancelled visits

With this toggled on when a visit is cancelled, this visit will now be clearly labelled, the cancelled visit will appear as grey with an 'x' icon.

It will also remain on the rota within the row of the care professional it was last assigned to. The cancelled visit will mirror how it looks in the Client view of the rota.

How to view cancelled visit details

When you click on view visit details for a cancelled visit, the right-hand sidebar will now include the cancellation reason as well as the pay status, i.e. whether that visit is still to be paid and charged for.

Simply click on any cancelled visit. This will open up the details tab within the right-hand sidebar.

Here, you'll be able to see information such as:

  • Time of the visit

  • Status of the visit, including cancellation information such as Reasons and Pay/Charge Status

  • Repeats, indicating when this visit repeats as part of the visit schedule

  • Ends, indicating when the visit schedule ends

  • Client location

  • Required skills (if applicable)

Under the Status section of the Details tab, you will be able to view the following financial details

  • Pay / Charge status for the visit

    • Status can include: Pay and charge, Pay/Don't Charge, Don't Pay/Charge

  • Cancellation reason

    • Reasons can include: Family, Refused, RAG, Not required, Other.

Please note: Pay / Charge status and Cancellation reason details will have been inputted when cancelling the visit.

How to reinstate a cancelled visit

You can always reinstate the visit if there's been an update. You can do this by clicking on the cancelled visit card and clicking Edit. Click the More options button at the top, and click on reinstate visit.

When a cancelled visit is being reinstated, Birdie raises a confirmation banner; Which will say 'Reinstating the visit will remove the carer, making the visit unallocated'.

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Can I still edit the care team assigned to a cancelled visit?

No, when a visit is cancelled the Care Team tab within the right-hand sidebar will now be read-only, meaning you can no longer edit visit assignments for these visits. This is important for safeguarding and ensuring a cancelled visit isn’t allocated or edited incorrectly following its cancellation.

When I reinstate a visit, will it be allocated back to the last assigned care professional?

No. When a visit is cancelled, it is unallocated from the care professional’s rota. When a cancelled visit is reinstated, that visit will remain unallocated and will not be assigned back to the last assigned care professional. This means the visit will need to be reassigned.

Are there additional changes planned for cancelled visits in Birdie?

Yes! We’ll continue to make improvements around how cancelled visits are handled in Birdie. Additional improvements include the ability to view cancelled visits within the Weekly Scheduling Calendar and the ability to edit the finance decisions i.e. Pay/charge decisions for cancelled visits.

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