Follow the steps to set up your BlinkBid account to be compliant with AMA standards.

1 - Make sure you have the AMA's item catalog on your job.

New to BlinkBid? Just choose the AMA item catalog when you sign up.

If you already have a BlinkBid account and want to change the item catalog of a particular personality to AMA, just go to Settings >> Item Catalog >> Change Catalog and choose the AMA item catalog. Note: changing catalogs will overwrite your current catalog.

Then, you can personalize your item catalog, adding line items or removing those you do not need, as well as adding rates and markups to be automatically inserted into jobs. For more information about adding line items, click here.

2 - Add AMA's Terms & Conditions to your bid.

Click on your Settings >> Terms >> T&C Templates and choose the AMA T&C that applies to you. Make sure you hit "Save" so you can access it under the "MY T&Cs" list.

  • AMA T&C (2 parties) - for Artist Representatives who produce + Advertiser

  • AMA T&C (3 parties) - for Artist Representative + Advertiser + third party Producer

See articles below for more information about Terms & Conditions.

Multiple T&Cs

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