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Can I add new questions for my open house guests?

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How to Setup Additional Questions

Up to three new questions can be enabled and customized in each listing's setup under My Listings. 

What kinds of Questions Should I ask?

The possibilities are endless, but generally try and ask short questions that don't require long answers. Use questions to gauge either the visitor's interest in the property or how motivated they are as a home buyer. Some ideas:

  • Question: What's your timeframe to purchase?

  • Answer Type: Use a multiple choice answer type with choices like: ASAP, 1-3 months, 4-6 months, 7+ months, Whenever I find "the one"

  • Question: Do you need to sell a property in order to purchase?

  • Answer Type: Yes/No

  • Question: Are you interested in seeing similar listings that might be a better fit?

  • Answer Type: Yes/No

  • Question: Would you like to arrange a private second viewing?

  • Answer Type: Yes/No

  • Question: What do you think of the condition, any suggestions?

  • Answer Type: Text

  • Question: What do you like most about the house?

  • Answer Type: Text

  • Question: Would you like additional information about this property?

  • Answer Type: Yes/No

  • Question: Are there any other properties that I can help you with?

  • Answer Type: Yes/No

Why Limit the Number of Questions?

A question we get a lot is "why do we limit to three additional questions?". The reason is that we've seen that the sign-in completion rate starts to decline at three questions.

Because we want to ensure agents get as many prospects to finish the sign-in, we limit how many questions they can add.

To ask a prospect for more details beyond the three additional questions, consider using our text follow up and sending a link to a form/survey (ex: Google Forms) or doing this via our Zapier integration.

NOTE: If either the question text or the answer type are left blank for the additional question, it won't be displayed to open house guests. 

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