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Getting Started with the Top Rated Digital Open House Sign-in
Getting Started with the Top Rated Digital Open House Sign-in

Our digital open house sign-in is proven to save time and capture better quality client info...and it's really easy to setup.

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Here's an example of what the Digital Open House Sign-in can look like...

This Video Goes Through How to Create Yours

We have a prerecorded tutorial below BUT also are hosting daily webinars for new users - register for the next session here.

Here are Step by Step Instructions

Open up the app and make sure you're logged in to your account. Create one if you haven't yet (it's quick!).

  1. Open the main menu (it's the ☰ on the top left) and select MY PROFILE

In this screen you can select your photo, logo, the color palette (which is used in your open house sign-in and other marketing) and much more. Here's a video tutorial that goes into more detail on this step.

2. In the menu ☰ and select MY LISTINGS. Then select the + NEW LISTING button.

In this screen you need to add an address or name for the listing. Then configure the layout and other details for the Open House Sign-in. These are the features that many agents find the most valuable when setting up a Listing:

3. When you're done, tap the Launch Open House Sign-in button and hand the device to your guests to sign in.


Q: What devices can Curb Hero be used on?

A: We have native apps for iOS and Androidª phones and tablets. Our web app* ( can be run on any device with a web browser.

ªsome Amazon devices are able to download Android apps from the Google Play store.

*our lender functionality only works on the web

Q: How much does this cost?

A: It's 100% free for agents. There are some free features for lenders too but lenders need to create a subscription to pair with agents. More info on that here.

Q: I have issues with internet connectivity at open houses. Can I still use your sign-in?

A: The iOS and Android apps both work offline OR you can print a QR code so visitors can scan on their phone and sign-in.

Q: How can I add questions to the sign in sheet on Curb Hero?

A: You can add up to 3 additional questions in the Edit Listing screen. Additional Questions are located mid-way down the page (below where you can add property photos). More info here.

Q: How do I download or access the list of people who attended the open house?

A: From the Main Menu (this icon ☰), navigate to My Leads. You'll see the leads in a table and above the table is an Export/download option. More info here.

Q: Is there a way to prevent visitors from exiting the sign-in screen like requiring a password to exit?

A: This is a feature we may develop in the future but in the meantime, depending on your device you can either use the iOS Guided Access or Android Screen Pinning to prevent users from existing your sign-in.

Q: Why can't I upload photos? Or why are only some of my photos available to use in Curb Hero?

A: On iOS it's almost always because our app's request for full access to your camera roll was denied (Apple has made this request a bit confusing so happens to a lot of users). You most likely need to change one setting so our app can access all of the photos.
​Here's an article that covers how to do that (it's a very quick change to make)

Q: Why is my Open House Sign-in spinning and appearing sideways?

A: In many cases this is because of the selected layout. The layout options are below the property photos in the Edit Listing menu. The left two options (see options outlined in green below) are landscape options and the right two options (see options outlined in orange below) are portrait. The device will rotate based on the layout that was selected.

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