Here's an example of what the Digital Open House Sign-in can look like...

This Video Goes Through How to Create Yours

We have a prerecorded tutorial below BUT also are hosting daily webinars for new users - register for the next session here.

Here are Step by Step Instructions

Open up the app and make sure you're logged in to your account. Create one if you haven't yet (it's quick!).

  1. Open the main menu (it's the ☰ on the top left) and select MY PROFILE

In this screen you can select your photo, logo, the color palette (which is used in your open house sign-in and other marketing) and much more. Here's a video tutorial that goes into more detail on this step.

2. In the menu ☰ and select MY LISTINGS. Then select the + NEW LISTING button.

In this screen you need to add an address or name for the listing. Then configure the layout and other details for the Open House Sign-in. These are the features that many agents find the most valuable when setting up a Listing:

3. When you're done, tap the Launch Open House Sign-in button and hand the device to your guests to sign in.

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