Connecting leads to your CRM with Zapier

Using our Zapier Integration, you can sync your guests automatically to your CRM and/or marketing follow-up platform

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Zapier is a powerful free* tool that can be used to connect leads to over 3000+ CRMS and marketing apps.

Using Zapier's Free Tier

Zapier has a free plan...and there's no commitment OR credit card required to use it. However, their free tier has restrictions that are (mostly) pretty easy to stay within for most use cases. The main obstacle in the free plan is that it only allows single-step zaps. That means just a trigger step and an action shown in these examples (which also explains some Zapier terminology too!).

Summary of Sync'ing Leads with a Zapier Integration 

Our app is a "trigger" (in Zapier terminology), so you'll start with our integration before you pick the CRM that you want to sync your Open House data with. Don't worry though, it's as easy as 1-2-3!

Then pick an Action Step. That means a CRM or marketing tool that you want to sync lead data with. Here's a list of the more popular Real Estate CRMs supported (and more can be found on Zapier). The most important step in configuring an Action step, is mapping the fields from our app to your action step:

4. Once you walk through the other steps in setting up the action step, make sure your zap is turned ON and you are good to go! 

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